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It was a lengthy journey for me to recognize that the sole obstacle stood before me in the mirror. I attributed my shortcomings to money, time, credit, and life itself. Endless quests for solutions online, heeding advice on business from individuals who never trod the path, left me drained. Knowledge holds significance, yet its acquisition is arduous; however, the greatest challenge lies in self-transformation.

Where are you now?

Are you exploring solutions to achieve financial freedom for the first time? Are you interested in liberating yourself from the conventional 9-5 work schedule?

Perhaps you have already engaged with numerous videos, courses, and seminars? Or are you a business owner who has repeatedly encountered challenges with tech experts?

I’ve been there, done that!

As information becomes increasingly abundant, the simplest response might be to surrender. Early in my career and my journey towards financial freedom, I encountered enticing sales pitches that ultimately offered no real value. Over the years, I came to understand that my persistent struggle stemmed from seeking out the information I preferred to hear, rather than the tools I actually needed.

Short cuts?

There’s no magic formula; whether it involves applying knowledge, learning new skills, or delegating tasks, it all takes time. How much time? That depends entirely on us. Our brains are wired in certain ways from birth, and as we grow, this wiring continues to adapt.

Large corporations are well aware of this. They employ slick sales pitches, compelling calls to action, and, a personal favorite, the use of complex terminology coupled with extensive terms and conditions that often mean the exact opposite.

Many of us dream of driving a luxury car, living in a beautiful home, enjoying endless vacations, or perhaps you’re among the millions of small business owners striving to surpass a significant hurdle. It feels like trading a standard 9-to-5 job for working around the clock, every day of the week.




Since 2006, I have built a diverse portfolio of achievements, including launching three brick-and-mortar businesses in New York, earning a pilot’s license in Phoenix, Arizona, producing a globally distributed film, and establishing four online businesses. 

These ventures not only provide me with financial freedom but also complete control over my time. In other words, when I tire of my surroundings, I don’t just go for a ride—I change continents. If you are interested in exploring my two most recent online businesses, please checkout Miles Charters and LGV Limousines.


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