My Journey

Hi, I’m Mile Ivicic, but feel free to call me “Miles”. I’m the proud founder of LGV Brands and Miles Charters.

My entrepreneurial journey kicked off when I was just 23. Initially, necessity nudged me onto this path, but it didn’t take long before I realized I had a knack for birthing new businesses. That’s when this necessity blossomed into an insatiable hunger and unyielding passion.

What was I so hungry for? Creation. I thrived on the process of creating something from nothing, of sharing knowledge, and of constructing thriving enterprises. The joy I found in creation transformed every new venture from merely a means to an end, into a new adventure that fueled and continues to fuel my passion even more.

Let’s rewind a bit to when I was a 14-year-old kid. Back then, English felt like an alien language, especially after my family and I packed up our lives and moved to America. Fast forward a few years, and you’d find me hitting the books, dreaming of soaring through the skies as a pilot. But life had other plans. Before I knew it, I was living out of a car, working as a limo driver. It was a humbling chapter, but one that set the stage for something bigger.

With a dash of grit and a sprinkle of destiny (the one that I created for myself), I went from steering a limo to owning a limo business. And now, my work takes me all around the globe. Each day is a new adventure, a fresh page in a story I never imagined I’d be living. 

The only person standing between where you desire to be and where you are is you

I went on a long adventure, trying many different things, but found myself stuck doing the same things over and over again. At first, I blamed everything around me but one day, I realized the problem was me. I kept doing the same things and hoping for different results. I understood that I had to change from within.

When I was working as a limo driver, I noticed many problems in the industry. I drove around rich and famous people which wasn’t just a job but also a chance to learn from them.

Living in California is very expensive, especially the rent. Even living with a roommate could cost a lot. Saving money was very hard, especially with a low credit score that made it impossible to get a credit card or a loan for my business ideas. But I was determined to start my business, so I came up with a bold plan. When my lease ended, I decided to live in my car and get a gym membership to cover basic needs while I focused all my energy on starting my business.

Fast forward five months, and my limo business, LGV Limo, was born from all my hard work. I set up my first office and got my first client. I was no longer living in my car, and I felt really happy seeing my business do well and putting me on the path to success.

Now, through my company, Logic Global Vision (LGVCORP.COM), I help other businesses grow. I created this platform to help people who want to start their own businesses and offer advice for those finding it hard to grow their business.